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In the early 1960's, Art Kroetch, founder of Scotchman Industries, started making and selling farm-related products, such as pickup stock racks, corral panels, gates and chutes. In 1966, Scotchman Industries purchased the patent for a hydraulic ironworker, the first machine of its kind in the world, and began manufacturing ironworkers. This machine, using hydraulic pressure, created up to a 35-ton force that could punch, bend and shear metal.

In 1978, Scotchman Industries purchased Excel Manufacturing Ltd. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and was able to provide a line of ironworkers that ranged from 30-ton to 90-ton capacities for the world market.

Scotchman Industries is proud to be an American manufacturer who has always been export-minded. The company was given the President's "E" Certificate for Exports in 1981 by the Secretary of Commerce, for excellence in its increased exporting of products.  Today Scotchman Industries continues to export their products to many countries around the world.

Today, Scotchman Industries, Inc. has a complete line of thirteen different ironworkers, ranging in capacities from 45 to 150 tons, with component tool design, and a fully integrated European style; both are available in either single or dual operator models. Scotchman has successfully acquired and maintained a large portion of the ironworker market.

Scotchman Industries today

Product Development

In 1983, Scotchman began distributing circular cold saws for BEWO of Holland. In 1988, in a joint venture with BEWO, Scotchman began building saws in the United States, and in 1993 Scotchman purchased BEWO's partnership interest. The Scotchman/BEWO cold saws continue to be manufactured in Philip, South Dakota. In 1997, Scotchman introduced two automatic cold saws--HFA & RFA (Hitch Feed Automatic and Roller Feed Automatic)--with supply tables or bundle loaders. 

In November of 2005, Scotchman purchased Advanced Measuring Systems. These systems are manual length and stop gauging systems manufactured using stainless steel investment castings for quick, easy, guaranteed not to slip measuring. They can be adapted to most all metal and woodworking equipment.

In September of 2006, Scotchman introduced a line of programmable feed systems and programmable stop systems. These systems can easily be adapted to all types of metal working equipment. The purpose of these systems is to increase production and eliminate operator error.

In November of 2007, Scotchman introduced a high production Flat Bar Shear which has the shearing capacity of 1" x 12" base plates, 3/4" x 16" and 1/2" x 24".

Four years later, November of 2011, Scotchman became the North American importer of ALMI Tube & Pipe Notchers.  Scotchman Pipe Notchers are top quality, economical and great for high production.  Scotchman offers three styles:  Manual, Electric, and Abrasvie Grinders.

Scotchman expanded its sawing product line in September of 2013, with the addition of a Utility Band Saw and a Non-ferrous Upcut Cold Saw imported from Spain.  The Band Saw combines the cutting of a traditional band saw with the flexibility, speed and accuracy of a cold saw.  The non-ferrous upcut saw offers an increased cutting capacity not found in similar Scotchman models.

Scotchman Industries, through a sister company Scotchman Credit Corp, offers a lease/purchase program for all its metal fabricating equipment.

As the world and its markets change and expand, Scotchman Industries continues to grow and adapt. Scotchman Industries, indeed, provides your Metal Fabricating Solutions.


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